Rain drizzle in Mylapore

RAINPIC AT LUZCHURCH RD -ON 24-4-13A drizzle greeted Mylaporeans this morning as they set off to work. The skies became cloudy at about 9.30 a.m. and the rain fell much later. It rains in different areas at different times.

The morning has been  pleasant.

Temperature stood at about 27 degrees though it was muggy all through yesterday and temp at 35 degrees.

One Comment on “Rain drizzle in Mylapore”

  1. Due to Vasanth Uthsavam for Kapalishwarar we were greeted with rain. Lord shiva is abhisheka priyar. We will pray for more rain for the coming days. Mumbaitees dance on the terrace for the first rain in the season. So that they will not be affected by fever etc during the seaon. Can we follow their style

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