Kandoori festival ends today at San Thome family’s house

The 60th annual celebration of ‘ Gyarvein Fatheha or the Kandoori festival of Sufi saint Hazrath Mahabobe Subhani Sheik Abdul Khader Jeelani is to be celebrated on May 18 evening at a heritage house in San Thome called Rahima Kareem Manzil.

The late Abdul Kareen started this ‘silsila’ in 1954 with 11 mursheeds for prayers and after his demise, the family continues this religious tradition.

This family traces it local roots to 1799 and claims to be the first Mariyars to do business with the British.

Abdul Rahman who now manages the fest says prayers are held daily for 11 days and on the 11th day, guests and relatives are invited for the prayers with 11 mursheeds at the head.

These men will conduct the ‘rateed’ in the peer’s name and bless the community.

Rahman says that this being the diamond jubilee of the festival, the Prince of Arcot and the Chief Kazi have been invited to the finale on May 18..

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