Fewer autos on the road in Mylapore area

Mylaporeans may notice that there are fewer autos on the roads in their neighborhood.

This is because of the crackdown on illegal autos and autos that have not complied with the new auto rate regime initiated by the state.

Auto drivers in the ares we spoke to on Tuesday said that there are no shops in the area that can set right their auto meters and they have to depend on just one in Teynampet or the two in Chintadripet, the hub for auto rickshaw workshops.

“How can 3 or 4 shops handle over 60,000 autos so soon?”, asked one driver who was using his old meter and restricts his trips to Mylapore.

While some smart drivers have got the meters reset and turn on the meters, others use the old meter and refer the new rates card to charge customers.



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