Marian month; Catholics in San Thome pray together

Catholics who belong the parish of St. Thomas Basilica are currently observing this month dedicated to the Holy Rosary in a special manner.

A statue of Mother Mary is being passed on from one family to another who form what are called Ambiyams or Basic Christian Communities (BCCs).

The statue remains with one family of the anbiyam for a few days and during that time the family, its guests and neighbours hold special prayers and say the rosary, which is a form of prayer in honour of Mary.

33 statues are in circulation in this parish area of San Thome since the first day of October.

‘This form of prayer not only improves the devotion that we have for Mary but also brings people closer in prayer,” said Vimala Padmaraj of Leith Castle area on Thursday when her family and guests got together for the rosary at noontime.

This community form of prayer will end on the last day of this month and the statues will be handed back to the cathedral.

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