Community at Viswa Kamal apartments celebrate 25 years of living here

This is a Big Day for residents of Viswa Kamal Apartments, that huge residential tower block that you see opposite North Mada Street.

On Saturday, the community here will get together to celebrate 25 years of community living.

There are 96 apartments in this building and over the last fortnight, a few teams have planned and rehearsed events of music, dance and small acts to entertain the families who live here.

The evening will end with a grand dinner.

Incidentally, this plot of land carries a slice of India’s history. It was at a bungalow that stood here that a group of men who visualised India’s freedom debated on an idea which led to the formation of the Congress party.

The bungalow was demolished to make way for this block. A kindred soul had installed a plaque highlighting the heritage of this plot of land but that plaque ‘vanished’.

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