Images of Sri Vinayaka set afloat in sea off Foreshore Estate

MT VC SEAThere was thin activity on the Foreshore Estate seashore on Sunday evening, one of designated points for people to set afloat the images of Sri Vinayaka. Groups headed here in the evening, carrying the large images in carts and vans to go through the formality.

The activity is bound to rise this weekend and peak on Sunday, Sept.7 when a few hundred images will be brought here to be set afloat. This will signal the end of the Sri Vinayaka Chathurti celebrations which began on Friday.

The civic authorities have advised people not to use toxic paints in the images that are set up in public and then set afloat here since this can pollute the waters.  A huge mass of waste is washed ashore after this activity every year and often, civic authorities have also used brick and mortar waste to design  kutcha road on the sands to facilitate transport of the images. This effort further destroys the condition of the beach.

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