Calling alumni of San Thome High School

The campus of San Thome High School has been living to some extra buzz this past week. And you will be greeted by squeals and roars on Saturday.

The Montfort Brothers who manage San Thome High School celebrate the diamond jubilee of their management of this school, with a day-long gala on January 24 at the campus on San Thome High Road.

Through this week, students took turns to rehearse dance recitals and short dramatic performances including one which will tell guests the story of the Montfort Brothers in San Thone.

The weekend programme will begin with a special Holy Mass to be celebrated by archbishop Dr. George Antonyswamy. Then, there will be an informal meet for the alumni and retired teachers and headmasters of the school.

A cultural programme will be held in the evening.

Over 1000 alumni are expected to attend this unique milestone. The brothers are asking all alumni to be present at this special event ; most are expected to attend it post-lunch.

They say that many Headmasters and teachers of the 1970s and 80s have been invited.

The Brothers were invited by the then bishop of Madras-Mylapore diocese to manage the school which was first started by the church to educate orphans and neighbourhood boys in the early part of the 20th century.

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