Padma Shri award for violinist Kanyakumari

Had Queen Mary’s College turned down A. Kanyakumari’s admission application a second time would her life have taken a different turn?

Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

This senior Carnatic music violinist and Mandaveli resident has now been chosen by the state for the Padma Shri award – in recognition of her contribution to the arts.

Many decades ago, Kanyakumari landed in the city, seeking admission to QMC’s Department of Music, which has well known alumnae to its credit. The college did not have a seat for this girl from Andhra Pradesh. A chance meeting with a family friend at the government secretariat helped gain admission on the rebound.

Kanyakumari completed her formal education, also studied under greats like M. L. Vasanthakumari and is today, a top-rung violinist who tours the state, the country and the world. She is often seen performing alongside saxophonist Kadri Gopalnath.

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