Traffic pattern changed on Mada streets

The police have suspended the one-way traffic pattern introduced on Mar 7 in the Mada streets. This was confirmed by a police officer this morning. The suspension was carried out due to a flood of complaints from the public. The police had diverted all the Luz traffic travelling through R.K.Math road through the Mada streets excepting the buses which stop at the tank bus-stop. This caused an unnecessary diversion for the people travelling straight on R.K.Math road. The petition which requested the one-way was only for the traffic using the Mada streets, which would have helped ease the congestion in these streets. But the circuitous route for the R.K.Math traffic enforced by the police spurred the complaints against the new pattern.

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One Comment on “Traffic pattern changed on Mada streets”

  1. Instead of enforcing ONE WAY rule on the Mada Streets, the police had for reasons best known to them, enforced it on RK Mutt Road last Sunday, leading to utter chaos. To add to the bedlam, no action was taken to prevent the flouting of the ONE WAY rule on Mattala Narayana and CP Koil Streets nor the rampant double parking on the Mada Streets.
    Hope the police enforce the ONE WAY rule on the Mada Streets, control the hawkers and prevent unauthorised parking. Traffic-free hours for a few hours daily near the Kapali Temple zone is also a must. But no law will work unless the police show the dedication (which is now totally lacking) to enforce the same.

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