The Good Samaritan of San Thome

S. Sibi, a physiotherapist from San Thome did a Good Samaritan turn recently. He went to the aid of a seriously ill transgender lying on a pavement even as motorists gaped and moved on.

It was noon time on Saturday, June 20, Sibi was on his way to Neelankarai to pick up his son S. H. Oxylinraj from school, when he noticed a traffic jam on the Thiru Vi Ka Bridge, Adyar. He asked pedestrians what the buzz was about and was informed that a transgender – Prabha of Neelankarai had collapsed on the pavement and was unconscious. 

Sibi got down, had a word with traffic policemen on the road and offered to help. Says Sibi, “Some people around me told me that she was dying and that there was nothing I could do. I did not believe them and on examining her, I found a weak pulse. I then gave chest physiotherapy treatment to increase her pulse rate and I could find a little improvement. The ambulance arrived then and she was taken away”.

Prabha is said to be better now.

A resident of San Thome for over 15 years, Sibi runs a clinic – Gowrin Physio Clinic at Lazarus Church Road, R. A. Puram. He and his wife also run a school for mentally challenged students, some who are really poor. If you want to donate to this cause, please contact him at 9840286875.

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