‘Mikeless’ kutcheri held at Nageswara Rao Park, Luz

Harini -  kutcheri in the parkAs part of the Sunday ‘Kutcheri in the park’ concert organised by Sundaram Finance, 13 year old R. Harini – a class VIII student at P. S. Senior Secondary School, Mylapore and a student of guru Dr. Subha Ganesh, presented a lively performance yesterday (July 5) in front of a large informal audience that mainly comprised of morning walkers and music connoisseurs. No mikes and speakers are used at this kutcheri.
This was Harini’s first open air concert and she was accompanied by G. Vagadeeshwar (student of guru Usha Rajagopalan) on the violin and K. S. Ramakrishnan (student of guru Madurai K. Rangarajan) on the mridangam.

‘Kutcheri in the park’, seeks to provide a launch pad for young children aged 15 years and below. Auditions are conducted to select the artistes for the monthly kutcheri. To register email sundaykutcheri@sundaramfinance.in. Ph: 9444040748.

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