Krishna dolls at Mylapore

IMG_20150902_180443106Krishna Jayanthi is around the corner. And it is being celebrated in full gusto by the traders on North Mada Street. A huge collection of Krishna dolls is now on sale to help people get in the festival spirit. Krishna on a banyan leaf, Krishna dancing with Gopis, Krishna playing to his friends on the flute are only some of the idols on sale here.

The dolls have been brought from various parts of the country. The materials vary from clay and paper-mache to copper and bronze. The price range of the paper mache dolls is from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1500 while the metal dolls are more expensive, starting from Rs. 2000 onwards

Take a stroll down the street this weekend. With Navrathiri around the corner, this could be an opportunity to stock up on Krishna themed dolls. If not to buy, it would be a nice way to pass time and good entertainment for kids too !

Photo by R. Saravanan.

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