Taste this Bombay special sweet at Mylapore

IMG_20150901_132057702Bombay special sweet samosa is what you can find if you head on over to Sri Annapoorni Sweets, Mylapore. It is a version of the savory, filled with khoa, fried and dipped in sugar syrup. Priced at Rs. 10 per piece, these samosas fly off the shelves, as they are offered only rarely and for a few days at a time. Store owner M. S . Ramachandran came up with the recipe for this sweet after tasting them at cities like Kolkata and Bombay. Head on over to 7/1, Mathala Narayanan Street, Mylapore. For details, you can call the store at 24934294. 

Photo by R. Saravanan.

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