San Thome school kids will use sign language to express Rahman’s song at football gala

There will be a unique touch to the opening ceremony at Saturday’s opening show of the Indian Football League (IFL) at the Nehru Stadium this evening.

A special song composed by celebrated composer A R Rahman is to be played and sung live at this gala opening show. As part of this show, there will be 20 students of the CSI School of the Hearing Impaired in San Thome. They will use sign language to express the lyrics of this special song.

School principal W. James Albert says a well wisher who was part of the opening show had come by and suggested that the students could be included in the show and spoke to Rahman about it and he had readily agreed.

“We had a final rehearsal on Friday at the stadium and the children are very excited,”said James today.

Hopefully, the cameras will linger on this group and let the world watch a special group in the show.