Pooja in remembrance of ‘Sruti’ magazine founder at dance show surprises people

It was a  different sort of programme at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan under the auspices of Sri Muthukrishna Swami Mission Trust on November 3.  The Trust used to conduct regular monthly bhajans at BVB until a few years ago, which it later shifted to a different venue.
But the Tuesday evening programme was a dance drama choreographed by Krishnakumari Narendran.

Before the commencement of the actual dance programme, it was announced that the programme was in memory of  Pattabhiraman, the founder of Sruti magazine based in Alwarpet.
There was a pooja session, but with a difference.  The priest instead of offering flowers to the deity, reciting the same sacred hymns that are recited for doing regular poojas,  was offering the flowers to the picture of Pattabhiraman that was kept on the dais.
It was quite a long pooja.
In essence, the person was deified and worshipped as God. The organisers could have narrated the noble works carried out by Pattabhiraman before this pooja so as to avoid any confusion among people present.
– Reported by K. Swaminathan, Mandavellipakkam