Some areas still under water

The rains stopped a few days ago, but some localities are still under water.

AhcLkwJFI-0js76kr6z9QAYq0bTvaEJQe18kB20dBT2gLow lying roads in Seethammal Colony, Alwarpet were under water over the weekend. While main roads like K. B. Dasan Road and C. V. Raman Road saw flash flooding which drained away, side roads like Seethammal Colony III Main Road and 4th Cross Street saw standing water even till Nov 17. Water also entered into older houses on these roads.



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Residents were forced to find higher parking spaces for their cars and to find accommodation with friends and relatives during the night. There was also power outage for more than 18 hours – from Sunday night to Monday evening.

ChildrenĀ are enjoying the break from school by playing in the water, on the roads near the school.



The corporation school in Alwarpet was also water logged.AoM_I2Q6N7xu5DFEcuI7-koM8IxdwhzNiH9FjIHsVeLCThis was the scene at Marina beach on Tuesday, Nov 17. All the food stalls are floating in the water on the beach.

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