Dress code at temple; no strict regulation at Sri Kapali temple now

Sri Kapali Temple now holds up at its east and west gopuram gates notices that direct people to follow the dress code which has been ordered by a state court for all state-managed temples and which has come in for heated debate.

Though there are no guards or temple staff at the gates to restrain people who do not conform to the dress regulations ( no shorts, Tees, skirts, leggings, Bermudas, loose tops and the like), and a few people who wear jeans and T-shirts are seen visiting the temple this past weekend, some people have begun to debate the regulation.

While one section says it is important to be appropriately dressed when at a  religious place another says that God does not discriminate between people who dress in a particular manner and that while dress code suggestions are welcome, they should not strict rules.

It is learnt that the state plans to challenge the court order.

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