Restaurant at Hotel Raintree offers special menu to mark Chinese New Year

MT CHINESE FOOD Chicken clay pot with sweet basil 1The Chinese New Year is with us and according to its lunar calendar 2016 is the year of the monkeys. Chef Tenzin, chef de cuisine at the Chap Chay restaurant at the Raintree Hotel on St Mary’s Road has crafted a special menu for diners for this festival.

He offers an exclusive Chinese a la carte menu for the occasion – dim sum like fish and prawn suimal with tobiko roe, mixed mushroom bun, appetizers like water chestnut and corn niblets in golden basket and belgian pork finger ribs.

The meals include twice-cooked drunken chicken, steamed whole fish, egg fried rice, beef and broccoli, mushroom and tofu with pokchoy in a clay pot.

Desserts include Chinese special cake and sesame banana toffee topped with banana caramel ice-cream.

You can also choose a menu from a choice of four dim sums, spring rolls and unlimited stir fry with a choice of ice creams – this is priced at Rs.1199 ( exclusive of tax).

Call 42252525 to make reservations at Chap Chay. On till Feb.14.