T. M. Krishna concert in Nilgiris released in DVD format

The DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the filmed T M Krishna vocal concert in the Nilgiris has been released and is on sale. A production of Aagal Films and directed by well known ad film maker Jayendra, ‘ One’ is unique in that Carnatic vocalist T M Krishna sings each song in one particular natural location in the Nilgiris mountains, choosing songs that go with the mood and feel of each location. And singing all by himself – there are no accompanists but for the tambura at play.

The tracks capture not only the vocal music but also the chirping of birds, the gush of flowing waters, the swish of forest trees and the rustle of dry leaves. The camera also captures the misty lakeside, the inner forest areas, the sunsets and the blue-blue skies.

‘One’ was released as a theatre film, has had some screenings in USA and in a  few theaters in India, mostly in Chennai. The DVD/Blu-Ray versions are out to help rasikas access the film easily and enjoy it in their drawing room.

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