Thousands take part in arabathumoovar procession

MT 63 1Thousands of people took part in the annual arabathumoovar procession that is part of they Pangunivfestival of Sri Kapali Temple. Though Monday turned out to be a hot day with temperatures rising to 39degrees, devotees braved the weather to be at the procession of the 63 Saivite saints.

The procession started after 3 p.m. and it was dusk when it ended.

All the mada streets were packed to the pavements when volunteers carried the palanquins of the saints. Besides the images of the saints, many deities of local temples also joined the procession, including Thiruvalluvar and wife Vasuki, from the Thiruvalluvar temple in Mylapore.

As the sun went down, it became tolerable to be part of the procession. In many spots, volunteers also served annadhanam in food and drink.

A large posse of policemen looked after the security.

However, many cases of jewellery thefts were reported to the police at the local booths. Petty thieves find these crowded festivals just the occasion to snipe off gold chains and ear-rings.

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