The young and the old get together to clean Dr. Ranga Road

Garbage cleaned at Anand FlatsOn Sunday, April 24, just before the sun and mercury rose, a group of youngsters followed by the elder residents of Anand Flats on Ranga Road, Mylapore took up the task of cleaning the entire stretch from Dr Ranga-Warren Road Junction to Farida Stores. 

A resident T. S. Gopal writes, “During the recent floods it was tough to wade through this stretch and the cleaning of the road by this enthusiastic group has made walking much easier and healthier. Residents of Anand Flats plan to take up several such programmes of social and civic relevance in the future to inculcate a sense of social responsibility in children”.

A cynic once observed that story of civilisation can be divided into Stone Age, Iron Age and now ‘Garbage’. This band of children and elders have proved it is not difficult to get garbage out if there is a will and a broom. 

—Reported by T. S. Gopal, resident of Anand Flats, Mylapore