Metrowater’s MD says Sivaswami Salai repair work should be over by July

As the criticism of the long drawn closure to traffic on Sivaswami Salai in Mylapore grows, Metrowater has made a public statement and said that the repair work here should be over by July.

The road was closed late last year because of some major sewage line problems following which some part of the road is said to have caved in.

This busy traffic-ladden road had to be closed immediately and buses were diverted to the Dr R K Salai from the Vivekananda College side while small cars and bikes ran off into the V P Koil Street and caused much agony among residents.

Recently, in reply to a FB post Metrowater’s MD, Vikram Kapur who used to be Corporation Commissioner replied – the manholes have been built and part of the sewers laid. Deep sewer work is complex and time-consuming, but Metrowater should be able to complete it by July. Wish we could be less judgemental…

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