Pattappa’s ‘Thaligai’ opens today; full services from Monday

IMG_8437The opening ceremony of the new restaurant Pattappas ‘Thaligai’ was this morning (May 19) at 8 a.m. The place is located opposite the main entrance of Nageswara Rao Park. Decked out with beautiful flower garlands, it had the feel of a wedding hall.

The interior is decorated in traditional colours – purple background edged in gold, with brass lamps hanging from the ceiling. There were quite a few people this morning and all of them looked happy to be there. The smells of traditional food was everywhere and it felt like a scene from a small family function.

IMG_8424‘Such a wonderful location. I walk in the park a few times a week, now I will come more often’ says one enthusiastic fan from Mylapore.

Today’s menu was idli/sambhar, pongal/vadai/chutney, poori/masala, rava dosa and their signature sweet ksheerannam (milk/rice sweet).

Needless to say, everything tasted excellent and the lack of onion or garlic was barely felt.

This was a symbolic launch; full services from Monday next.

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8 Comments on “Pattappa’s ‘Thaligai’ opens today; full services from Monday”

  1. Ashwini Srinivasan – — its better to mind the words before commenting…..Pattapas thaligai was the name the restaurent was started and hes not a Supplier as you commented…he is a renowned person and more than a Supplier or other Business terminology you refer to…

    Noone knows Nalini Kanna r thaligai before or after unless Mr Pattappas Name was added to it…

    Do some research before posting anything..Googling helps to know if you dont have Social knowledge

    1. Pattapa thaligai- Caterer Pattapa son had helped the Restaurant owner to put his name for few months and helped him to set up the Hotel. Pattappa has nothing do with the hotel now. Hands had changed now.

  2. I am a Sr citizen of 77 and my wife 69 yrs and will feel greatly relieved and comfortable if your restaurant can organise to send tiffin ,noon meal and night meal or PHALAHAR (TIFFIN) delivered at my flat in VENKATRAMAN STREET,TNAGAR.I shall initially like to start with night meal or tiffin and after some time like to shift for noon meal and morning tiffin also .Shall be grateful in case you have necessary arrangements to despatch to my home at VENKATRAMAN STREET ,TNAGARsway ,Shall be grateful to have you response one way or other .
    WIth best wishes from

      1. Dear Editor,
        I visited this restaurant twice in April, four times in March, four times in February, two times in January.
        It is very much open and the food is actually better every time I go.
        Only difference is that supplier was Pattappa and now he does not supply. The owner has been Mrs. Nalina Kanna since it began developed her own in house kitchen. You should speak with her before posting untruths.

        1. Can you see the third person on the right in the picture? That’s the owner Mr. Kannan photographed during the opening day. The other two were the suppliers.

        2. What is known is that this place is not anymore Pattappa’s Thaligai; we will cross check on the other issues you raise here and post our reply.

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