Primary toilets renovated at Vidya Mandir; PTA and alumni contribute

Vidya Mandir - primary toilets renovatedThe alumni at Vidya Mandir, Mylapore are an active lot. While they contributed towards renovating the toilets at the senior section last year, this May they decided to direct their efforts towards completely revamping the toilets and washrooms at the primary section.

President of the Vidya Mandir Alumni Association, M. Kannuswamy says, “Last year and this year, we joined hands with the PTA (Parent teachers association) and the school management to get this task done. A lot of effort has gone into sprucing up these facilities and we have sought the cooperation of the children and the parents in ensuring that these facilities are maintained for a long time”.

The alumni has also handed over a cheque of Rs. 1.14 lakhs to the school to support the students admitted under the RTE Act for the academic year 2016-17.

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