Teenager designs a new app for Android phones

ARJUNArjun Raghavan is a student of class XII at M.Ct.M Chidambaram Chettyar International School on Luz Church Road. In April of this year, he released an Android application known as HelpMe! as an endeavour to provide a better system of safety to women, children, old people and others.

HelpMe! is a mobile application designed for safety. The first version of the app covered only India; the second and current version covers the entire world and subsequent versions will improve the app further

The app covers two kinds of users. One is a user that needs the app as a safety tool and wants to identify five close relatives and/or friends as emergency contacts. The other user of the app is a Good Samaritan who wants to help others by registering as a responder within the app.

At the simple tap of a soft button, a user can send out a distress signal to any and all users of HelpMe! who are nearby – both emergency contacts and responders. They can then immediately respond to the victim’s cries for help. The signal sent to emergency contact and responders consists of a marker which shows the user’s geo-location, allowing responders to make their way to them.

Arjun has also written to the PMO and the Ministry of Telecom on the application of this app and is awaiting a response.

Help Me! can be downloaded from Google Play Store  – search for “HelpMe Arjun” or visit goo.gl/wCBw15. Contact Arjun at arjun.raghavan.2k@gmail.com

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  1. Proud of you! This app will be a boon to those who find themselves in a fix; a trend setter to the student community and all those who care for the society. Best wishes!

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