Rare documentary on Gandhiji; screening on Sunday

A rare and uniquely-documented film on Mohandas K. Gandhi is to be screened on Oct.2, 5.30 p.m onwards at Arkay Centre, Luz ( opposite Vivek’s store).

A K Chettiar, the man who shot this film was a journalist, travel writer and docu-film maker.

In the 1930s, he embarked on shooting on Gandhi’s travels and events and collecting film footage on Gandhi; he is said to have accumulated over 50,000 feet of it. Later, he made a docu-film which was also dubbed in some Indian languages and screened.

The footage and films were not preserved but some years ago, one version of the film was located in a US campus and restored – this is the film which will be screened on Sunday. It runs for 80mins.

The event is hosted by Tamil Heritage Trust.

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