Obituary: S. Swarnammal Alankamony ,Lakshmi Balasubramanian, Jayalakshmi V.

S. Swarnammal Alankamony passed away on Jan 17.  She was born on Nov 3, 1926. Family residence is at E-202 Gray aShott apartments, 4&5 Bishop Garden Extension, R. A. Puram. Phone: 42815708.

Lakshmi Balasubramanian passed away on Jan 26. She was the wife of G. Balasubramanian, former manager, RBI, Chennai. She is survived by her son B. Rajagopal, three daughters, relatives and friends. Contact her family at 24996974, 24995368..

Jayalakshmi V. passed away on Jan 24. She was the wife of D. V. Venkatakrishnan (Kittu). Contact her family at 9444541408, 24950959.