Popular snacks joint on Mathala Narayanan Street shuts down

The iconic snacks joint in Mylapore, SriKarpagambal Kapali Sweets Stall on Mathala Narayanan Street has shut down as the property where it stood is being redeveloped.

On the spot where hundreds of people crowded all day long, at the shop’s counter for onion samosas and pagodas, is dust and bricks left after the quick demotion of what used to be a small, tiled house.

Nobody knows if the shop will open at another address.

Baskar Seshadri, a roving reporter of Mylapore who reports local buzz on his FB page posted a photo of the vacant space where the shop once stood.

Sridhar Venkataraman, who leads Food Walks in the city posted this development on the Chennai Food Walks FB page and it drew lots of comments.

Shabnam said she loved the kutti samosas and om-podi, Akshay Mallan said he once stood for half an hour to get the samosas. Bhanu Kaumar said foodies hoped to see the shop open elsewhere in Mylapore.

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  1. Oh My God! This shop took me back by 40 yrs when we were growing up in MN Street…. Fabulous foodie!! Hmmmm… Another icon of Mylapore bites the dust


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