Abhiramapuram residents form an association

The Abhiramapuram Neighbourhood Residents’ Association (AbhiNeRA) will be inaugurated on Sunday, Aug 20 and will cover all residents and commercial enterprises on Prithvi Avenue, Janaki Avenue, Krishna Avenue and the western half of 4th Street, Abhiramapuram.

AbhiNeRA hopes to bring together over 100 member households. A core group of 20 members met in late-June, to discuss the launch.

The area was divided into 8 sections, each of which will be co-ordinated by two members of a core group. A door-to-door exercise was conducted to create a database of all residents.

Apart from the cleanliness drives and the issues of civic amenities, AbhiNeRA hopes to bring in a spirit of community with frequent interactions and occasions to meet. Garbage segregation will be the first point on the agenda. To facilitate this, Ramky has been contacted.

Also on the cards is a session for housemaids and domestic helpers – to create an awareness and spread the methods of segregation and proper disposal of garbage. Co-operation with local Corporation officers and other authorities will be paramount. For details contact Sushi Nataraj at 9884072433.