More streets, roads being relaid by Corporation

Residents of Justice Sundaram Road have heaved a sigh of relief – finally, this potholed road has been relaid. Sceptics of this area though wonder if a road re-laying job that is done inside two hours will really let the road stay good for a long time.

Meanwhile, in several areas in the neighbourhood, roads /streets are being relaid by the Corporation.

An official in Ward 173 says that 11 roads have been sanctioned so far. He says, “One road, Bhagirathi Ammal Street, R. A. Puram has been repaired and laid. We have started work on Srinivasapuram First Main Road, only part of that road and Srinivasapuram First Street will be laid. We are yet to work on Srinivasapuram 2nd Main Road, 2nd Street and 4th Street, Robertson Lane, Salaiyar Street and R. K. Nagar First Main Road”.

As regards other roads in the area, he says a proposal for local area roads that are in bad shape will be submitted in the next financial year – after April 1.

An official at ward 123 says, “Bharathiyar Street, Sundarajan Street, R. A. Puram 6th and 7th Main Road, Subramaniam Street and Venkataraman Street have been laid. On Tuesday night (March 6), work started at Kapali Thottam, Pallaku Managaram (PM Nagar) and Justice Sundaram Road.

At ward 126, an official says that 2nd Trust Main Road, Mandavelipakkam has been laid. He says, “Road cut work ( meaning relaying only parts of road dug up for civic jobs) is going on at a few roads including Srinivasan Street, Sivaraman Street, Sadayappan Street and Adanjan Mudali Street. We hope to complete this work in a week”.