Chatter on Alwar’s old books hawker stall in Luz

Remember Alwar’s old books hawker stall on Luz Church Road? A store patronised by thousands for decades with stories that even the late DMK leader C. N. Annadurai dropping by.

Well, some people who have patronised the store on the pavement near the gate of The Mylapore Club are have a chat on social media is there is a way to sustain the business.

This comes after Alwar’s wife passed away some months go; the old man is unwell and restrained to his house. His son, we learn runs the business.

Some Mylaporeans say that if well-wishers offer a good price the business can be taken over or supported, depending on the wishes of the Alwar family.

But others say Alwar’s son isn’t interested in ‘outside’ proposals.

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