Sivaswami Kalalaya students get-together for a nostalgic reunion

Aug 15 morning. The alumni of Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya Senior Secondary School, Mylapore are slowly trickling into their school. Some haven’t seen the school in a more than a decade.

Their first step into the campus brings back unforgettable memories. One alumni talks about the cycle rides he took with his friends, another about the time when R. K. Swamy auditorium was a prayer hall.

Teachers, who are no longer at the school, are remembered, accounts teacher and principal G. Neelakantan,vice- principal Aruna and sloka teacher P. G. Subramaniam.

Future plans are discussed. Members exchange views on a fund raising event and a plan to make what was their second home a smart school.

Soon, it is time to disperse. Numbers and hugs are exchanged, promises are made to meet up more often.

To connect with members of SMRITHI, the school’s alumni association, contact 9940563528.

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