Consecration Celebration at Sri Sai Baba Temple on Feb 2

On Feb 2, All India Sai Samaj will be celebrating the 33rd year consecration of Lord Sai Baba’s Idol at Sri Sai Baba Temple, Mylapore.

Kakad Arathi will start from early morning, 5 am. At 7 am, Ekhadasa Rudhra Mahanyasa Parayanam and Homam will be held. Later, at 11.15 am Kadam Purappadu (procession) will take place. Following that abhisekham will take place for Moolavar.

Deeparadanai and Prasadam distribution will be held at around 11.45 am. Devotees can participate in all the poojas.

The special programmes will be on till 12 am at Sri Sai Baba Temple, Venkatesa Agraharam Road, Mylapore, Phone-24640784.

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