Panguni fest: The grand Thirukalyanam takes place

On March 20, the Thirukalyanam of Sri Karpagambal and Sri Kapaleeswarar took place on a beautifully decorated stage put up near Sri Saneeswaran Sannidhi.

The seer-varisai of goddess Karpagambal was brought to the temple in a grand procession.

At around 6 p.m. an illustration of goddess Karpagambal doing pooja to Shiva lingam in peacock form (mayil vadivam) was made.

Later, beautifully decorated deities were taken to the stage for Thirukalyanam.The entry of the deities made the crowd very excited. Shanku was blown. Various other musical instruments were also played.

It was around 8.45 p.m. when the thali was tied around goddess Karpagambal ‘s neck.

Hundreds of devotees who were seated before the stage and the devotees who were passing by the temple rushed to see the holy wedding.

Tamboola Pai with betel nuts and leaves,  manjal, kumkumam, thali were distributed to the devotees.

“It is very auspicious to get a thirumangalyam on this occasion,” said a woman devotee.

After the wedding an oonjal sevai and veedi ula took place for the deities. Devotees can get Uma Maheshwar Dharshanam this morning.