Mylapore Times donates Rs.1.5 lakh to scholarships plan to support poor students of area

Mylapore Times has committed to donate Rs.1.5 lakh towards the scholarships programme that Mylapore Times Charitable Trust (MTCT) runs at this time of the year. 

 The Trust has been awarding funds to economically poor students who excel in the Plus Two / Std.10 exams and are keen to pursue their studies but lack the money to pay for the first phase of their studies.

Last year, about Rs.4 lakhs was granted to over 25 students. This year, the target for raising funds is put at Rs.5 lakhs.

The Trust invites Mylaporeans to give as much as they can for this specific purpose. Beneficiaries are chosen based on background checks and support documents from the schools.

This past week, these were the donors – S. Janaki,  Mylapore:Rs.500. L. Anasuya, R. A. Puram – Rs.2500.

If you wish to donate call Anuradha at our office – 24982244 / 24671122
(11 a.m. to 5 p.m.). We can collect your cheque or cash at your place. We can also arrange for bank transfer of the donation. Or mail your request to – with ‘Donation’ in subject line.

Donations to MTCT enjoy IT exemption benefit.