Renovation is on at Luz Church. Community seeks donations

Renovation and repair work is going on at Our Lady of Light Church in Luz. Huge scaffoldings have been put in the outer area of the church.

A tent has also been erected opposite the church office. The Mass and prayers are now taking place here.

Rev Fr Arul Anand, a priest at the church says, “A lot of peel offs and cracks were seen on the walls. Some parts of the roof have become weak. Hence, we are doing conservation work now. Since this is a heritage church that is more than 400 years old, we have taken care to select the engineers for doing the repair work.”

A big board listing the expenses for the various repair works has been put up near the notice board of the church.

The church is seeking donations for its conservation. Donation boxes have been kept inside the church premises. People can also donate through a bank transfer. The details can be obtained from the church. Church volunteers are distributing pamphlets to drive the donation campaign.

For more details contact rector and parish priest, Rev Fr Peter Thumma at 9840549892. The church is located at 165, Luz Church Road, Mylapore. Ph: 24992568.