Tributes paid to city historian S. Muthiah at Luz meeting

Tributes were paid to city historian and writer S. Muthiah at an event held at Arkay Centre in Luz on Saturday.

Documentary film maker and writer Kombai Anwar and freelance writer Sudha Umashankar shored their experiences with Muthiah who passed away recently.

Anwar said that Muthiah was more of a journalist, a man keen to get all tyhe details on a story and to get the facts right. He said Muthiah went beyond heritage of Chennai, talking about its civic projects and the environment too. And that he was one of the best observers of Sri Lanka’s politics and development.

The event was hosted by Madras Local History Group and Mystical Palmyra.

Later, Nithya Balaji spoke on Queen Mary’s College.

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