Metro Water ‘s ward office erects a board to provide tips on water conservation

Recently, the Metro Water’s ward 123 office at C. P. Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet erected a board to urge people to save water as the city is facing a severe water crisis.

A family can save up to 300 litres per day if water is used from buckets, read the board outside this ward office.

With a pictorial representation, it provides tips to reduce water usage in day to day activities.

Using buckets for bathing/flushing, a mug of water for shaving /brushing, sprinklers for gardening are some of the tips mentioned on this board.

Saravanan, a staff of this office says, “We are asking people to use water judiciously. And whenever possible we are also asking to reuse water used for bathing/washing clothes.”

He says, these boards have been erected at all ward offices of Metro Water.

Saravanan says, “Those who do not face water problem currently should also follow these tips and avoid wasting water.”

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