Aavin pays you for used milk sachets: parlour in Alwarpet has this offer

The Aavin parlour on C.P. Ramaswamy Road has started collecting used Aavin milk sachets from consumers now.

A bin has been placed at the entrance of the parlour near the Dr Ranga Road junction and people can put their bundles of 100 used covers as a pack, and mention their name, address and contact phone number.

Each bundle will fetch Rs 10. (one cover fetches 10 paise).

“The covers should be cleaned and put into the bin as one lot. Only Aavin milk covers should be dropped here. We will note  down the name of the person and the address and call them later to come and collect the amount,” said personnel at the outlet.

Some consumers though think that this is a cumbersome process.

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