Madisar was theme for this Navaratri event

Rotary Club of Chennai Bharathi conducted a Navaratri event last weekend with the madisar as the theme. The idea came from president Dr.Shruti Nair.

The event began with a snappy Bharatanatyam recital by disciples of  RCCB club member guru Padmalaskhmi Suresh, director of Padmalaya Dance School.

It was followed by heritage walk conducted by Ramanuja Moulana of Cycling Yogis.

One Comment on “Madisar was theme for this Navaratri event”

  1. It is sad to see ‘madisar’ has become a ‘fashion item’ for special occasions. It used to be the tradition in South Indian families to almost always wear this every day. While the switch to 5M saris or Salwar-kameez is acceptable, it is sad to see women in modern days going the western ways of clothing, which is far away from Indian tradition.
    Anyway let us appreciate this effort to remind the ‘mamis’ of the madisar tradition at least during Navarathri.

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