R. A. Puram residents need reliable rain water harvesting contractors

It has been a rough journey for a few R. A. Puram residents. Though willing to establish rain water systems at their homes, their efforts have not taken off due to lack of qualified personnel.

The secretary of RAPRA S. Ravikumar says, “Both residents who want to put up new systems and residents who want to get their existing systems cleaned or repaired are unable to find the right plumbers or contractors to do the job as per the guidelines laid down by the Chennai Corporation. Several times, a shoddy job is done and the residents are left frustrated”.

He continues, “To address these issues, we had a meeting at the Corporation Park at 7th Main Road, R. A. Puram on Saturday, Aug 7. About 20 residents attended the meeting and we had also asked five plumbers to attend the meeting but none of them turned up. We are now in dire need of good rain water harvesting technicians”.

Ravikumar says that 75% of the homes in the R. A. Puram area have rain water harvesting systems. “If we can find a good contractor all the homes can definitely have good systems in place by the time the north-east monsoon sets in”.

If you are contractor or know one, contact Ravikumar at 7550125779.