San Thome construction firm challenged by nuns, issue in court

A San Thome-based construction company is being challenged by nuns of the congregation managing the Presentation Convent on Anna Salai for delaying a civil project awarded to it and for sub-standard construction.

The firm in question  is Jude Infra Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The nuns stated that their Society had got into an agreement with the company for the construction of a toilet complex in their school campus in Oct.2017 and had paid an advance of Rs.1 crore though the estimate was about Rs.86 lakhs. One of the conditions agreed to was that the toilets would be handed over in four months.

The nuns said that there was a long delay in delivery, that a bill for Rs.1.43 crore was raised and that the toilets were not up to the mark and so, held back the bill.

The firm filed a suit in a city court when its bills were held back and the judge directed that a PWD senior engineer inspect the complex and file a report. The nuns then went to the High Court asking for an engineer from Structural Engineering Research Centre to also be part of the inspection. The court has acceeded to the nuns’ request.

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