It was all about the periodic table at Vidya Mandir’s chemistry club event

To commemorate the 150th year of the periodic table created by Dmitri Mendeleev, the students of  Effervescence, the chemistry club of Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School, Mylapore, conducted a special event at the school premises this week.

As the modern periodic table consists of four blocks the students of classes X, XI and XII divided themselves into four and represented each block.

The S block staged a secret runway of elements with a colourful backdrop of flame colours, while the P block presented a video where students enacted the nature and reactivity of elements. The D block displayed a slide-show of its elements and had choreographed equations with colour changes on stage. The F block conceptualized an awards show with a red carpet,interviews and nominations. The host Dmitri Mendeleev presented awards to the most dramatic, versatile and stable elements.
Class IX students had a song composed on the mole and sung it as a group. They also created a hand-made magazine ‘Chem mystery’ with a lot of interesting information on the mole, periodic table, chem-jokes and puzzles.
 The grand finale was the formation of the modern long form periodic table with all the 118 elements with students. The whole event had a lot of facts woven in between puns, dance and skits pointing out the role of elements and chemistry in every day life.