Carnatic musicians body to provide support to affected artistes

An association of Carnatic musicians worldwide has put out a communication saying that artistes who have been economically affected by the corona virus can approach it for support.

The Global Carnatic Musicians Association (GCMA) for now is reaching out only to its members

Support will be decided on a case to case basis.

Violinist V V S Murari shared the note that is being circulated among all leading artistes which may also reccomend cases.

Many artistes who get paid little at sabha concerts and depend on concerts only at weddings and social events are affected.

Also, many artistes who tour the USA intensely at this time of the year had to face a season of cancelled tours, events and workshops.

Applications may be made to –

One Comment on “Carnatic musicians body to provide support to affected artistes”

  1. I just saw your article about supporting artists for those who got cancelled their tours.
    I am one of those who face this issue financially.

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