Class X and XII students of P. S. Senior have online classes everyday

The students of class X and XII of P. S. Senior Secondary School, Mylapore have been logging onto Zoom everyday for the past week to listen to their teachers take classes.

The principal of the school Revathi Parameswaran says, “For these students, who will be writing their board exams in 2021, it is imperative that we complete the portions as early as possible so that we can start revisions. About two weeks ago, all the teachers were given a training session online. They interacted with our computer science teacher and got all their doubts clarified. A demonstration was also given to them. We then drew up a schedule for the students of all the 10 sections (5 sections in class X and 5 in class XII) and we have started taking classes online everyday now”.

She continues, “Worksheets are sent through Whatsapp everyday. The next day, the teacher discusses them while taking class. For certain subjects two sections are combined and about 65 students log in at a time. We have atleast four hours of classes everyday. Parents too have been very cooperative and they ensure that the students complete their work on time. Staff meetings are also held regularly through Zoom to ensure that problems are sorted out immediately”.

For the younger classes, we have been giving them instructions to read a lot of books.


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