Coronavirus : Masks and hand sanitisers continue to be in demand

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus in India, masks and hand sanitisers continue to be in demand at local medical shops in Mylapore.

Medical shop owners say that both two-ply face masks (green coloured masks) and hand sanitisers have been in demand since the past few weeks.

Said Jayanti, a medical shop owner in Mandaveli, “The demand for masks started increasing soon after the virus outbreak began in India. Since this past week, hand sanitisers are also in demand. However, both are out of stock now.”

“The supply of these items has also been scarce,” she said.
Three other medical shop owners in South Mada Street, Mylapore also said that the demand for these items is high.

Surgical masks and N-95 masks, used for protection against the virus is available at Apollo pharmacy on South Mada Street.

However, hand sanitisers are out of stock here too. While the surgical masks are priced approximately at Rs. 30 the N 95 masks are priced at Rs. 180. at this shop.

Said a staff here, ” The hand sanitisers and masks are getting sold immediately after the stocks arrive. This is happening as every customer is buying five or six hand sanitisers as a precautionary measure to stock up for the future.”

The price of 100 ml of hand sanitiser, he says is Rs. 100. “However, as they are unavailable people have started buying Dettol handwash and soaps to maintain hygiene,” he said.

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