Coronavirus: Schools and colleges make plans to switch over to online classes

With the lockdown extended till March 31, several schools and colleges in the neighbourhood have started drawing up schedules for online classes.

At Vidya Mandir, Mylapore, principal Shoba Raman says, “Our main concern now is the students of classes X and XII, that is those who will be taking their exams in 2021. We need to finish their portions atleast by November of this year. We have always held online classes, especially during the monsoon season but the teachers are usually at school and they upload the lessons from there. Since, the teachers are at home now, we have asked them to start making lessons plans. We hope to start lessons in a week”.

The principal of the polytechnic college at Sri Ramakrishna Mission Students Home, M. Sukumaran says, “All the teacher coordinators for all the classes have already formed Whatsapp groups. Previous years’ question papers have been sent to the students. Questions and answers for each lesson has also been sent to them. In a couple of days, the teachers will start sending audio files of lessons”.