Corporation sprays disinfectant on Judge Jambulingam Road

Suresh Ranka, the general secretary of Mylapore based Judge Jambulingam Road Residents Association who is stuck in Malaysia as a result of the lockdown, spoke to Mylapore Times about some of the measures the residents in his area have taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

He says, “About three days ago, we approached the local Corporation AE to ask them to sanitize our street. We have also asked that the garbage be cleared. That work has now been done.¬† All the residents in our street are connected through Whatsapp and so we have been sending notifications on social distancing and other norms that they need to follow. All the residents have been complying with our instructions.”

He adds, “Seniors and others who walk in the morning and evening have been asked to stay at home. We have always sold reusable bags and other items at the office, all that has been suspended”.