MLA arranges application and delivery of state-given medical insurance card

The office of Mylapore MLA, R. Nataraj is making it easy for those who are eligible for the state-managed medical insurance card to apply and secure it.

In recent times, Nataraj has not only asked Mylaporeans to submit their applications at his office on C. P. Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet but also arranged for volunteers and officials to help complete the forms and file them.

Also, seasonal camps are being held at the MLA’s office where state officials are available to help process the applications faster and cards are issued.

Last week, the MLA gave away some 50 such cards to Mylaporeans who can use it to cover medical expenses at state-run and select private hospitals for certain treatments/illnesses.

“We have received over 2,000 applications, some even from outside Mylapore because people seek our help,”said the MLA. “We arrange the officials to be here to make life easy for people.”

The MLA’s office receives petitions /applications through the week. The office is next to Chennai Corporation Community Hall, near Winners Bakery.

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