Bird song, insect lines, dropping leaves and lush shrubs. Locked Nageswara Rao Park today.

So who is enjoying the quiet and luxury of a closed Nageswara Rao Park in Luz? Street dogs and pet cats.

Animals who are being looked after by the caretaker of this popular park where every day, over two thousand people walk, exercise, play, chat, meet-up, nap or just wander around.

The gates are firmly closed but inside, a different kind of life, natural life is about and abuzz in this verdant space. There are more birds in tree tops and the birdsong gets going at dawn and dusk.

As summer sets in, more and more leaves are dropping on the lawns and on the ground, insects and bugs have the space to themselves.

Since there are few plants that flower, there isn’t a riot of natural colour though.

The Chess Square, the Kids Play Area, the gym; they are all like still life.


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